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Who is Lauren in tweak?

Nic Sheff, the author, met Lauren originally in high school and  dated briefly, but she was a senior and was rumored to have been a  'tweak', basically. They slept together (MORE)

Did Lauren bacall remarry?

After her first husband Humphrey Bogart's death in 1957 due to terminal cancer, Bacall was distraught as the relationship had lasted from when she was 19 until her 30's, and s (MORE)
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Did Lauren Bacall have grandchildren?

Yes, 6.Her eldest son Stephen Bogart has three they are: Jamie (with 1st wife Dale) and son Richard and daughter Brooke (with 2nd wife Barbara.)Her youngest son Sam Robards a (MORE)

Who is Lauren Jauregui?

Lauren Jauregui is the 3rd oldest of the group Fifth Harmony that  finished in third place on the second season of The X Factor USA.

Where can you find The Lauren Conrad Collection?

  You can order it on her official site, check out this article for the link: (MORE)

Are Elliott Lauren and Ralph Lauren related?

Apparently not. The owner/founder of Elliott Lauren (brand name) isElliott Grosovsky. The brand name seems to be a deliberatelysimilar name. The designer Ralph Lauren was born (MORE)