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Who is Lauren in tweak?

Nic Sheff, the author, met Lauren originally in high school and  dated briefly, but she was a senior and was rumored to have been a  'tweak', basically. They slept together (MORE)
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What stores sell Lauren Hutton makeup?

My understanding is that Lauren Hutton does not sell her makeup in brick & mortar stores. It is available only on QVC and the QVC web site, as well as Lauren's own web site. (MORE)

Who is Lauren Alexander?

  Lauren Alexander is a very young up and coming country music singer who is becoming very popular. See link below.
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Who is Lauren Conrad?

Lauren Conrad first achieved recognition as a reality TV personality on "Laguna Beach: the Real Orange County" and later "The Hills". She later achieved more reputable recogn (MORE)
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Is there a Saint Lauren?

There is no saint named Lauren. There are some saints with related names: Laurent Laurentia Herasymiv Laurentina Laurentinus Laurentius
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What does Lauren mean?

Lauren is a popular girls name which can often be spelt as 'Loren' although many believe (i am one of these people) that 'Lauren' is the correct spelling' Lauren comes from t (MORE)

Is hutton a name?

hutton is a name if ya name is hutton you will get the hutton curse but if you called alex or kalena it does not matter PS do not change this answer
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