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What is the opposite of stern?

The opposite of the adjective stern (strict) could be kind, tolerant, or forebearing. The opposite of the noun stern (rear of a boat) could be bow, prow, or stem.
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What is the stern of a submarine?

The term "Stern" is the Navy term for the aft (rear) section of any ship or submarine, generally referring to the rearmost portion of the vessel.
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Where does romeo meet friar Laurence?

Friar Laurence is Romeo's confidant, and the play suggests Romeo has known him since he was very young as it implies that the Friar is a religious leader. Friar Laurence is to (MORE)

Who is Itzhak stern?

Itzhak Stern was a Jewish accountant to German industrialist Oskar Schindler. He worked alongside Schindler as the accountant for his Enamelware company in Kraków and greatly (MORE)

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What is the difference between cruiser stern and transcom stern?

A cruiser stern hangs over the water past the rudder of the vessel and is rounded. A good example of this would be the RMS Titanic, or (for a more modern vessel which is still (MORE)

What does the stern of A BOAT DO?

The stern of a boat is the rearmost portion of the boat or ship.  The stern usually has a tiller or other steering device that helps  the boat turn, The stern might also hav (MORE)

What is Bear Stern?

Bear Sterns Companies Inc. was one of the "Big Five" investment banks / brokerages on Wall Street. It leveraged itself 40 to 1 (ie borrowed $40 for every $1 of its own) to pla (MORE)

What has the author Laurence Meredith written?

Laurence Meredith has written: 'Porsche' 'Original Porsche 356' 'VW Golf (Sutton's Photographic History of Transport)' 'Volkswagen Karmann- Ghia. Die Autos und ihre Ge (MORE)