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How do lava lamps work?

The lava lamp uses a process called convection. As the wax heats up, it expands, creating a greater volume so its density decreases. This makes it less dense than the surround (MORE)

Why does Lava in a lava lamp rises and sinks?

The 'lava' in a Lava Lamp is actually a chemically treated wax. The clear (sometimes colored) liquid is water. When the lamp is turned on the metal coil inside the glass chamb (MORE)

Can you have a conclusion for a lava lamp?

No. There are no models available that can analyze a specific lava lamp and predict the pattern of the wax suspended in the oil. There are too many specifics that vary from on (MORE)

How do you get convention in a lava lamp?

The heat of the lamp causes the fluids to heat and expand. The two materials are of different thermal properties and are immiscible. The word you seek is convection.
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Can you drink a Lava lamp?

If you do, be prepared to get really sick and probably need a trip to the emergency room. Do not drink it.
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