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Are the episodes Law and Order real?

No, it is entertainment. Perhaps you have heard them say, when promoting up-coming shows, that an episode is "ripped from the headlines," but this just means the story idea wa (MORE)

How many different Law and Order tv shows are there?

The list of Law and Order series are: Law and Order, running from 1990 to 2010. Law and Order Special Victimes Unit (SVU), running from 1999 to persent. Law and Order Cr (MORE)

Who are the cast members 2009 Law and Order tv show?

The regular cast members for Law and Order 2009 season (season 19)  are:    Jeremy Sisto (Det. Cyrus Lupo)   Anthony Anderson (Det. Kevin Bernard)   S. Epatha M (MORE)

Is the tv show Law and Order based on true stories?

All of the Law and Order series stories are fictional. However, their theme, 'Ripped from the headlines' is often true in that they take a real story from the news and make th (MORE)

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