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When do you roll a lawn?

Usually its good practice to roll a lawn when its fairly wet, such  as in early spring, the soil is wet enough that it flattens out  with the roller. If you do it later in t (MORE)

When do you fertilize your lawn?

It depends on where you live. General rule of thumb is a light application in spring and a heavy application in fall. Only fertilize during summer if you notice your lawn is s (MORE)

Why does a lawn need aerating lawn?

A lawn needs aeration at least 1 time per year, this will help reduce soil compaction and let more oxygen and nutrients to lawns root system.
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How do you get a healthy lawn?

There is no one "right" way to get a healthy lawn. There are several practices that can be used in order to achieve a great, healthy lawn. These practices vary, due to your ge (MORE)

What is a grass lawn?

It is the green things that grow out of the ground in parks and usually in yards and garden. A lawn is the same as grass. Like, you hear people saying that they 'mowed the law (MORE)

What is a lawn layer?

A lawn layer is sod that is put down on plain dirt to create a  grassed area, or lawn.
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What does lawn fertilizing do for lawn?

Fertilization is the practice of introducing essential plant nutrients into a turfgrass community. I like to think that the act of fertilization is slightly comparable to pe (MORE)