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When do you roll a lawn?

Usually its good practice to roll a lawn when its fairly wet, suchas in early spring, the soil is wet enough that it flattens outwith the roller. If you do it later in the sum (MORE)

When do you fertilize your lawn?

It depends on where you live. General rule of thumb is a light application in spring and a heavy application in fall. Only fertilize during summer if you notice your lawn is s (MORE)
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What is lawn tennis?

lawn tennis is tennis. It was the original name when tennis courts were made with grass

Why does a lawn need aerating lawn?

Your new neighbors seemed so normal at first. Everyone seemed totake care of their patios so well, the streets were quiet and theneighborhood association even brought you a ba (MORE)

How do you get a healthy lawn?

There is no one "right" way to get a healthy lawn. There are several practices that can be used in order to achieve a great, healthy lawn. These practices vary, due to your ge (MORE)

What is a grass lawn?

It is the green things that grow out of the ground in parks and usually in yards and garden. A lawn is the same as grass . Like, you hear people saying that they 'mowed the l (MORE)

How do you fertilize the lawn?

First you go to a hardware store to go buy the fertilizer, then you either get some water hoes or a handle water bucket. You mix the fertilizer in the water and sprinkle the p (MORE)

What does lawn fertilizing do for lawn?

Fertilization is the practice of introducing essential plant nutrients into a turfgrass community. I like to think that the act of fertilization is slightly comparable to p (MORE)