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What is the meaning of the name 'Lawrence'?

The last and first name Lawrence is taken from Latin and means "The Laurel-Crowned One". But wait! -There's more... 'Lawrence' does indeed derive from the Latin surname Lauren (MORE)

How old is Carol Lawrence?

Carol Lawrence (former wife of Robert Goulet) is 84 years old (born  Carolina Laraia, September 5, 1932).   *one source shows birth year 1934
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Why is Martin Lawrence so funny?

He is so funny by nature ...fat or skinny he is one of the funniest  comedians ever.
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Who is Lawrence of Arabia?

Thomas Edward Lawrence, known as Lawrence of Arabia, coordinated the Arab Revolt against the Turks with British military operations. Lawrence of Arabia was the illegitimate so (MORE)

Who is Podi Lawrence?

Podi Lawrence is an international award-winning painter from  England. She was born in 1941 in Ilford Essex to Ivy Elizabeth  Lawrence and Leslie Thomas William Arnold.  (MORE)

Why is the St Lawrence seaway important?

It connects the great lakes to the Atlantic ocean by way of the St.  Lawrence river.
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Who was Lawrence Washington?

Lawrence Washington was George Washingtons half-brother. George went to live with Lawrence after his father died in 1743. Lawrence acted as a substitute father to George. Lawr (MORE)