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Is molasses a laxative?

Yes, in certain doses and depending on your sensitivity. If you have one BM a day then you will need three or more tablespoons to produce a laxative effect. If your BMs are le (MORE)

What does a laxative do?

Laxatives can work in different ways. Usually, they work to essentially clear out the stomach and intestine and force a bowel movement to occur. Laxatives can be very dangerou (MORE)
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What are laxatives?

A laxative makes you move your bowel or pee.   Laxitives are are a special typeof medicine that tastes and looks like chocolate. It is usually used for people who are cons (MORE)

Is alcohol a laxative?

Your body has to work hard to get all out all the alcohol that you consume, which is essentially a toxin. The metabolic processes that breaks down alcohol also encourages th (MORE)

What does a laxative do to a bird?

First off, nice question! Like a human, a laxitive would make a bird go to the toilet. Seeing as they have a chloaca - a hole that both urine and faecies come out at the same (MORE)

How do you get from LAX to Disneyland?

  There is a Disneyland Express bus that picks up at every arrival terminal. There is a fee which is collected when you arrive. First stop is the Disneyland Hotel. You can (MORE)
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What is lax les?

Lax les is related to GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), it means relaxation of Lower esophageal spinchter (LES) muscle

Can you overdose on laxatives?

An overdose on laxatives can cause bodily harm to the intestinal tract. Constant diarrhea would begin, meaning massive amounts of fluid loss. Dehydration would shortly set in (MORE)
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What is ex lax?

Ex lax is a medication that is used to treat constipation. Ex lax  is in a group of medications referred to as laxatives.

Is chocolate laxative?

No, it is not, but the effects depend on the person. It can be slightly constipating. However, there is Ex-Lax, which is a chocolate-flavored laxative.
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