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What do laxatives do to you?

A laxative works to speed up the removal of undigested material from your large intestine and colon. It hastens the removal of undigested food that your body was eventually go (MORE)
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What are laxatives?

A laxative makes you move your bowel or pee. . Laxitives are are a special typeof medicine that tastes and looks like chocolate. It is usually used for people who are constip (MORE)
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Can you get addicted to laxatives?

Laxatives can be addictive, however, not in the same way as a narcotic drug or cigarettes. The more you use laxatives the more your bowel movements will become dependent on th (MORE)
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Is coffee a laxative?

Caffeine has a mild sympathomimetic which means it can cause the large bowel to contract
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What is a laxative?

A laxative is a substance that causes increased excretion of fecal matter. They are used for constipation and are sometimes abused by women. There are many different types, an (MORE)
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What does a laxative do?

Laxatives can work in different ways. Usually, they work to essentially clear out the stomach and intestine and force a bowel movement to occur. Laxatives can be very dangerou (MORE)
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Who is in LAX?

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Can sperm be a laxative?

By Nature of it's design : no. The nature of intercourse which would lead you to suspect this effect is actually caused by trauma created by the activity of intercourse to (MORE)
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Can you lax?

"lax" appears to come from the verb form "to be relaxed (about something/in general)". So you could say "He is/I am lax", but you can't say "he is laxing" as in "relaxing".