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Why are they called the Stanford Cardinal not cardinals?

From the beginning of the university in 1891 the school color has been cardinal (and from the Forties, cardinal and white). In the early years there was no mascot, and Bay Are (MORE)
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How many eggs does a cardinal lay at a time?

Like most small seed-eating birds the Northern Cardinal has one or two broods a year in which a small number [two to five] eggs are laid. They are speckled eggs, much smaller (MORE)

Who is a Cardinal?

The Titular pastors of the parishes of Rome comprise the Sacred College of Cardinals. They are appointed by the reigned Holy Father, and their primary responsibility is to ele (MORE)

Are cardinals vertebrate?

Yes. Cardinals are birds, and all birds are vertebrates, as they all have a backbone and an internal skeleton. Vertebrates include bus, mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians. (MORE)

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