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What is the difference in witnesses' and witnesses?

Witnesses is plural for witness. Meaning more than 1 witness. Witnesses' is possesive. Meaning belonging to Witnesses. For example, if more than 1 person claimed to bear wit (MORE)

What are the differences between a lay witness and an expert witness?

An expert witness is someone that testifies according to their knowledge on a subject that pertains to the evidence given. Their expertise is needed to identify, test, and exp (MORE)

What did Jehovah's Witnesses witness?

The name Jehovah's Witness comes from the Bible. In Isaiah Jehovah told his people: 'You are my Witnesses' Followers use the name because they believe they are witnessing to (MORE)

What is a Christian witness?

A Christian witness means going out in the world and telling people about Jesus and salvation. One online dictionary says that a 'witness' is : 'a person who gives sworn tes (MORE)

Who were the University of wits?

University Wits Is The Group Of Scholars And Philophers. They were Seven. 1: John Lyly 2:George Peele 3:Thomas kyde 4:Thomas Nash 5:Thomas Lerdge 6:robert Greene 7:Chritopher (MORE)

What is a witness?

A witness is a person who can give a firsthand account of something seen, hears, or experienced. A witness is also someone who furnishes evidence. A witness is a person whom (MORE)

What is a Prosecution Witness?

A prosecution witness is someone who will provide evidence for the prosecutions case. If i was representing a client who was shot by his friend and witness by another friend (MORE)

Example of wit?

An example of wit would to respond to an apology, "I'm sorry I  broke your favorite cup," by saying ,"So am I!" Another would be to  respond to someone telephoning in the mi (MORE)

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