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What is LDAP?

LDAP means Light-Weight Directory Access Protocol. It determines how an object in an Active directory should be named. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a propos (MORE)

What does LDAP do?

LDAP ( L ightweight D irectory A ccess P rotocol) is a simplified version of the DAP ( D irectory A ccess P rotocol) protocol, which is used to gain access to X.500 (MORE)
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Why LDAP is called lightweight?

the ldap is independent of other process & it self as a thread and not use OS memory so its called lightweight

What is the purpose of the LDAP protocol?

A directory is often described as a database, but it is a specialized database that has characteristics that set it apart from general-purpose relational databases. One specia (MORE)

What is the difference between NIS and LDAP?

NIS (Network Information Service) provides a few information about theusers of an UNIX system like uid, gid and so on. The structure of theNIS database is flat and does not al (MORE)
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Where can one download a LDAP browser?

Softera offers the LDAP brower as lightweight version of the Softera LDAP Administrator, as a free download. the LDAP browser does not allow to modify the LDAP directories (MORE)
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What is the function of an LDAP query?

A LDAP query is a configurable search used to gather information from your directory server. It can be used to test whether certain data exists on the server.
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What is the function of a LDAP port?

An LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) port is simply an application for distributing, accessing, and maintaining information through an IP (Internet Protocol).
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Where can you watch a LDAP tutorial?

One can watch a LDAP tutorial at the official site or at youtube. There a variety to chose from so feel free to browse around and see which one suites you.