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What is LDL cholesterol?

LDL is a low density lipoproteins which flows with our blood. Because of its very nature of low density and very low amount of mass, sometimes it gets stuck inside the walls o (MORE)
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What is ldl?

LDL is the bad cholesterol. LDL stands for low density lipoproteincholesterol. LDL is produced in the liver and carries antioxidantsand amino acids to other cells.

Ldl stand for?

A complex of lipids and proteins, with greater amounts of lipid than protein, that transports cholesterol in the blood. High levels are associated with an increased risk of at (MORE)
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Why can LDLs be a proplem?

LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is a type of lipid carrier made up of proteins and lipids. The protein-lipid complex enables lipids to be transported in the bloodstream from liv (MORE)
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Ldl of 160?

That's high. Talk to your doctor about how you can lower it. An optimal level is around 100 mg/dL.
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What are LDL and HDL?

High-density lipoproteins (HDL) are composed mainly of proteins, with only small amounts of cholesterol . HDLs are often referred to as "good cholesterol" because they help r (MORE)
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What are ldls and hdls?

high hdls are good . high ldls are bad. a balance is important. hld Carry excess cholesterol from cells to liver and ldls carry cholesterol from liver to cells ... that is a e (MORE)
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What are LDL levels?

Low density lipoprotein (LDL) is the "bad cholesterol". It is the type of cholesterol that builds up in the walls of arteries and causes vascular disease. For most people a de (MORE)
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What if your LDL is 129?

AnLDL of 129 is near optimal levels, so one who has a LDL of 129 is more susceptible to developing cardiovascular disease in the future.