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Why do Catholics chant?

Chant is the "type" of music best suited for Catholic worship. The four square hymnody which is exemplified in the traditional Protestant Church does not work well with Cath (MORE)

What is a religious chant?

Part of a liturgy or religious ceremony that is sung rather than said. "Chant" as a noun simply means song. "Chant" as a verb means to sing. Any part of a religious event can (MORE)

What is the tagalog of chant?

chant is a form of prayer or holy words accompanied by hymns.tagalog for chant could be bulong na may himig.but in dumagat an older form of language has their own term for thi (MORE)

What is the juggalo chant?

It goes:   We will never die alone.   Juggalo's will carry on.   Swing our hatchets if we must.   Each and every one of us.         -MMFCL
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What are Gregorian chants?

Gregorian Chants originated in the monasteries of Europe. They were sung in Latin, without any instruments. The chants were praises to God.   Go to your local book store (MORE)

What is jazz chant?

    for me...Jazz chant is a poem that use jazz rhythms to illustrate the natural stress and intonation patterns of conversational American English. Jazz Chants provid (MORE)
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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Are rossignol snowboards good park boards?

Yes they happen to be very stiff and strong. They are one of the top Snowboarding Brands. Compared to a Burton, Rossignol is better when it comes to strength.
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