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Who was Albert Lea?

Albert Miller Lea was an American engineer, soldier, and topographer with the United States Dragoons who surveyed southern Minnesota and northern Iowa in 1835.   Albert Lea (MORE)

What is a LEA?

LEA is a special education term. It is short for Local Education Agency. Most commonly, the LEA is the school district. The term is also used to refer to the school administra (MORE)

Anu ang talambuhay ni lea salonga?

Si Maria Ligaya Carmen Imutan Salonga ay mas kilala bilang Lea Salonga. Ipinanganak siya noong 22 Pebrero 1971. Una siyang nakilala sa The King and I ng Repertory Philippines (MORE)

Why is lea salonga famous?

Aside from her unique voice and musical prowess. Lea belongs to an elite group in Broadway because only a handful could win all awards in the musical theater. The World Theate (MORE)
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Lea salonga have soprano voice?

She has an angelic, bright top notes like those of sopranos and has  warm (not dark/contralto-ish) low notes. Although capable of  hitting a low D3, she is still considered (MORE)

Why did Lea Salonga become popular?

She became popular because she has an excellent voice and is a great actress. She is best known for originating the role of 'Kim' in the musical 'Miss Saigon'. She is also exc (MORE)