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What is leaching?

Answer Leaching means to dissolve and remove. Answer Leaching is the loss of soluble nutrients (of plants) from the soil as a result of rain and irrigation.

How does leaching work?

Bioleaching uses bacterial microorganisms to extract preciousmetals, such as gold, from ore in which it is embedded. Bioleachingworks because of how special microorganisms act (MORE)

What does leach mean?

it is an animal that is black and they live in the sea they sometimes bite holes in boats that go past they hurt when they bite you and they could eat you ... lets just say yo (MORE)

What does a leach do?

Leachs . SUCK BLOOD FROM YOUR BODY Also if you get poisned by a snake a leach can suck out the poisin Leachs SUCK BLOOD FROM YOUR BODY. Also if you get poisned by a snake a (MORE)
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What is leaching and where does it occur?

Leaching means downloading on BitTorrent (or any other torrent transmitter). Seeding means uploading. Please contribute by pressing "Trust" Thanks

What does leach eat?

Most people think of leeches as nasty bloodsucking creatures with little or no worth, and no interesting behaviors, let alone any parenting skills, but this popular percepti (MORE)