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Can you get lead poisoning from the lead in a pencil?

No. Pencils have never been made with lead. The "Lead" is actually  graphite blended with either clay or a plastic resin (to add  strength and control the writing "hardness" (MORE)
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Is there lead in a lead pencil?

Lead has never been used in lead pencils. The lead in a lead pencil is made of graphite, a form of carbon, together with clay and other additives that hold it together. Ow (MORE)

What can lead do?

In 1890, the first case of lead poisoning was discovered in Australia. However the source of the lead was not traced to the paint on the verandahs and railings until 1904. In (MORE)

Which ECG leads are bipolar leads?

The leads in Einthoven's Triangle, which are Leads I (left and  right arm), II (right arm and left foot)), and III (left arm and  foot).
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Is lead past tense for lead?

The past tense for lead (as in to lead an animal) is led. You would say 'the cowboy led the horse to the river'
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Who is lead singer?

The lead singer is a person who sings the most in a song. Here are some examples of Lead singers: Nadine (Girls Aloud) Vanessa (The Saturdays) Brad Delp (Boston). This person (MORE)

Is pencil lead real lead?

No, there has never been any real lead in pencil lead. It is a mixture of graphite (carbon) and clay.
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How do you get lead?

The metal lead is produced from the lead ore Galena (lead sulphide, PbS) by mixing it with coke and limestone and then roasting. To obtain the pure metal, it needs to treate (MORE)