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What is a lead indicator?

  A lead indicator is a measurable parameter or metric, which will help to predict or give prior information about the occurence of some related critical problems or event (MORE)

Why interest rate spread is leading indicator?

  To understand why the interest rate spread is a leading indicator, one must interpret the interest rate as the price of money. A high interest rate means that obtaining (MORE)
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What is an indicator?

A substance that reveals, through characteristic color changes, the degree of acidity or basicity of solutions.   Could also be a light to notify of a components operation. (MORE)

What can lead do?

In 1890, the first case of lead poisoning was discovered in Australia. However the source of the lead was not traced to the paint on the verandahs and railings until 1904. In (MORE)
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What are indicators?

Indicators are   substances that give you a visible sign, usually by a color change, of the   presence or absence of a threshold concentration of a chemical species such (MORE)

Lead versus lag indicators?

Such indicators are found within scorecards where lead are short-term which affect lag long-term Example: training is lead indicator and service excellence resulted from good (MORE)

What are indications that lead acid battery is fully charged?

There are two measures, cell voltage and specific gravity of the electrolyte. Cell voltage is the simplest to measure. For most automotive, flooded cell (having liquid elect (MORE)

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