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What is a leaf?

A leaf is a part of a plant that is used to soak up water (along with the roots) and sunlight.
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What does the leaf do?

  Leaf is a food factory for a plant. In it food is prepared with the help of sunlight, carbon dioxide and chllorophyl. It also losses un used water by stomata
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What are leaf?

a leaf is a thing that falls from mean trees and then a leaf gets all crunchy and warm then you can serve it to your bro and a leaf can also be a type of thing that you can (MORE)

Why is the plural of leaf leaves and not leafs?

There is no why. There is only do. Sheaf is pluralized sheaves, thief becomes thieves, and the verb grief takes the form grieves. You'll be interested in investigating the ro (MORE)
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Is it leafes or leafs?

it is leaves i like leaves i also like cheese but I'm not weird no I'm just strange but i don't like twigs.
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What do the leafs do?

The main function of leaves is photsynthesis (converting sunlight into food for the plant), but they also release excess water through transpiration.