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What are leaf miners?

  Leaf miner is a small white grub that lives between the skin layers of a leaf. By eating their way around they leave unsightly trails which if there are enough will weak (MORE)
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How are leaf classified?

They are classified like underwear in a shoe box. THEY CANT BE CLASSIFIED IT CANT BE POSSIBLE! So how about you make a banana split and put some Nachos in it then build a snow (MORE)

Types of leafs?

Go on Google and type in :Types of leaves and keep scrolling until you find the leaves you are looking for

What is a leaf?

A leaf is a part of a plant that is used to soak up water (along with the roots) and sunlight.
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Function of leaf?

absorb Sunrays Preparation of organic food by photosynthesis, gaseous exchange and transpiration. Sometimes, leaves also store food material as in case of cabbage and lettuce (MORE)

How does CO2 get to the leaf?

CO2 diffuses into the leaf through holes called stomata. These are found on the underside of the leaf and can be controlled as too how open and shut they remain. They are nece (MORE)
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What is an aerial leaf?

The freshwater angiosperm Hippuris vulgaris L., Mare's-tail, exhibits distinct morphological and anatomical differences between leaves produced on submerged and aerial shoots. (MORE)
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What do the leafs do?

The main function of leaves is photsynthesis (converting sunlight into food for the plant), but they also release excess water through transpiration.
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Is periwinkle leaf a compound leaf?

Periwinkle leaf is a simple leaf. A simple leaf has a single leaf  blade that is not divided into small leaflets. The simple leaf may  have incisions, but these incisions ar (MORE)