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How do you pick leaf lettuce?

Picking Leaf Lettuce Just break the leaves you want off from near the base, usually starting with the outer leaves if they're not too old. The plant just keeps on growing, su (MORE)
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How can lettuce be used?

Lettuce can be used to make sandwiches, but is mainly used insalads as the main ingredient.
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What is a leaf?

A leaf is a part of a plant that is used to soak up water (along with the roots) and sunlight.
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Explan what happen to the cells in a lettuce leaf when the dressing is added?

 The cell wall is a semi-permeable membrane, allowing solvent (water) to pass through but not solute (salts). When salad dressing is placed in contact with the cells, osmosi (MORE)

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What do the leafs do?

The main function of leaves is photsynthesis (converting sunlight into food for the plant), but they also release excess water through transpiration.