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What cause the leaning tower to lean?

  Since the soil that the tower was built on was soft it caused one side of the eaning tower to sink a few feet into the ground causing it to lean the way it still does to (MORE)
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What is Lean Retailing?

  The catchphrase "lean retailing" consciously references the more established buzzword "lean manufacturing."   Like lean manufacturing, lean retailing is an approach t (MORE)

What is lean dough?

A lean dough is a dough that has very little or no fat content. An example of this would be a baguette. Also, a comparison between 'lean' doughs and 'enriched' doughs might b (MORE)

How do you lean in for a kiss?

  Answer   to lean in for kiss you....   1) look into the girl or guys eyes, then at their lips. Hopefully they will get the hint and realize that you want to kis (MORE)

What is lean principle?

Answer   there are 10 lean principles "in industry" can be summarized :   1. Eliminate waste 2. Minimize inventory 3. Maximize flow 4. Pull production from custo (MORE)

What are lean days?

The expression 'lean days' refers to a period of time when a person, or a community, is struggling to survive because of poverty, a poor harvest, a natural disaster, or other (MORE)

Why does my dog lean on me?

This could be a sign of Submission to The Pack leader as dogs want  a   figure to be a companion to...    but on the worse side to this it could be nerve   if (MORE)
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Why does the A leaning on the E?

The "A" leaning on the "E" is a diphthong -- that is, two letters that are sounded together, like, "th" or "ph". The latin pronunciation is 'eye', but has been corrupted in En (MORE)
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What is lean drink?

The lean drink is the purplish hue of the purple drink that comes  from dyes in the cough syrup.