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How long do you have to learn and where do we have to learn?

When are we going to ever  use this stuff?" is a protesting lament heard by most teachers  several times a year. It comes from students with little patience  to put up wit (MORE)

What is the difference between learned and learned?

The British English way of the past tense word learn is learnt. The American English way of the past tense word learn is learned. "Learnt" is more used in UK and Canada whil (MORE)
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What is Spaced learning and Massed learning?

Spaced learning is learning or studying information in intervals in  time, such as studying for half an hour, going to eat, studying  again for half an hour, cut the grass, (MORE)

What does it mean to learn how to learn?

You need to learn how to pay attention to things, how to memorize, how to apply what you know, how to solve puzzles and problems. See the related link.
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Why do we learn history?

1. UNDERSTAND SOCIETY    Of all of the reasons to study history, this one might be the most  important. How can we being to understand society today without  understa (MORE)

How culture is learned?

Culture is learned by being taught to the next generation by the  former generations. Culture can be learned through first hand  observation as well.

How can you learn Hindi?

Lots of online Scholars are available on different web portals who  can teach Hindi online, Not only That they can teach script  "Devnagiri" and other key factors   Have (MORE)

How do you learn to learn if you don't now how to learn?

Learning is one of the gifts that is instilled in every person at  birth. It is by the natural application of thought that we learn.  Everyone learns something every day. We (MORE)