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Why do you learn?

If you don't learn, you might as well just be a rock! Learning helps you to become better at everything, and to be happier, and to live a better life.

How you learn?

Learning is a relatively permanent change in behaviour that occurs as a result of experience Now there are two types of learning: Classical conditioning and Operant Condition (MORE)

How do you learn?

The honest answer is ... nobody really knows! There are a lot of ideas about how people learn. I am guessing that you don't want a detailed scientific explanation about brain (MORE)

How do you learn to learn?

This is an excellent question. You actually can learn better ways of learning -- click on some of the related questions for more information, too! Ways to improve your lear (MORE)
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Where did you learn?

In a school In a human society. Where ever a group of humans live and you live in that group too, you will learn something. Just a matter of WHAT it is you learn...:)
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Why you have to learn?

So that you can live in society as an average, everyday person. So your brain does not die. So you can be independent. So the zombies will go after you instead of me.

Do you have to learn?

By living, you are learning. To survive and improve your life, youhave to learn. In terms of academic things, it is very useful tolearn. Knowing how to read and write is impor (MORE)

How do you learn to learn if you don't now how to learn?

Learning is one of the gifts that is instilled in every person atbirth. It is by the natural application of thought that we learn.Everyone learns something every day. We learn (MORE)