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Are learning disorders Axis I or Axis II disorders?

Learning disabilities are on Axis II. Actually learning disabilities are listed under Axis 1. Axis I focuses on clinical disorders. This axis includes diagnoses like Dementia (MORE)
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What medications help with nonverbal learning disorder?

There is no specific med aimed at treating NVLD. Medication prescriptions for this disorder have to be individualized for the person that has the disorder. For example my chil (MORE)
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When are most learning disorders in children first identified?

  As the child begins formal education process. Physician has checked all the diagnostic criteria on the list of DMS-IV. Then further evaluation is performed to rule out " (MORE)

How can a parent learn the risks of having a child with a genetic disorder?

  A parent can learn the risks of having a child with a genetic disorder by looking at their own history. A genetic disorder is... da da da da! Genetic! so the traits of t (MORE)

Why are eating disorders important to learn about?

To be blunt: they can kill you. You can die from an eating disorder  - it is life & death. Explained: eating disorders are important  to learn about because everybody needs (MORE)

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