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What are leatherback turtles scared of?

All Sea turtles are preyed upon by several species of sharks. There are only 8 species of sea turtles. Of course, also, humans. The most outstanding characteristic of a sea tu (MORE)

How do leatherback sea turtles get energy?

Why, just like you do! You eat, they eat. Sea turtles enjoy a smorgasbord of sea food, particularly jelly fish. You sleep, they sleep. Sleep is a prime factor of energy in lif (MORE)

Why is the leatherback turtle endangered?

Leatherbacks are threatened species for several reasons:    Leatherback Turtles are endangered from plastic waste in the  water. The turtles swallow floating plastic bag (MORE)

What eats leatherback sea turtle?

  While they are still eggs raccons and other mammals dig up the eggs and eat them. Sand crabs do the same thing. When they first hatch and are heading toward the sea sea (MORE)

What are the enemies of the leatherback sea turtle?

Sharks eat adults but babies can be eaten by Crabs, Pigs, Birds, Raccoons,Lizards, and other small mammals.
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Does a leatherback sea turtle sleep?

Yes, the leatherback sea turtle sleeps on top of the waters surface or at the botton of the ocean in between rocks or coral reefs.
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What do leatherback turtles eat?

  jellyfish Leatherback turtles eats jellyfish which means they are carnivores.   Aside from jellyfish, leatherbacks found in around islands and continents are known (MORE)
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