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What is lebensraum?

Lebensraum means living space towards the east where polish Slavs and Russian predominate and where Hitler spelled out in his writings that Germany should take over to allow G (MORE)

What does lebensraum mean?

Lebensraum This is a German word which means living space . In the period from c. 1880 onwards there was a widespread view that a powerful nation needed an overseas empire. (MORE)

How did Hitler gain Lebensraum?

Hitler gained lebensraum (living space) in the east by taking over part of russia. he killed people that did not believe in what he beleived in so that there would be space fo (MORE)

Why was Lebensraum important?

Lebensraum was a critical ideology of NAZI Germany based on theclaim that the superior race of Germanic people were being deprivedof living space due to border restrictions im (MORE)

How can you use Lebensraum in a sentence?

Well, Lebensraum literally means "Living room" or "Living space". So in a sentence in English wherever you were to use Living room or living space slip in Lebensraum instead. (MORE)

What was lebensraum World War 2?

Lebensraum was a German policy (created by Adolf Hitler) in World War II that states Germany needed more living space. Germany wanted to control parts of Russia, Poland, and o (MORE)