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Is Lebkuchen a German holiday treat that originated in the black forest region of Germany. How do you recognize this traditional German Christmas season specialty?

Lebkuchen is similar to ginger bread, but much darker and very rich and moist. It is first documented in Ulm which is not far from the "Black Forest" then 100 years later ( Full Answer )
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What does the German word lebkuchen mean?

The history behind this word is much argued and essentially seems unclear. However, everyone seems to agree on its relative meaning, which is a cookie or cake representing lif ( Full Answer )
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What is the Pennsylvania Dutch word 'Lebkuchen' in English?

" Honey cakes " is an English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch word " Lebkuchen ." Specifically, the Pennsylvania Dutch word combines two words into one. The beginning ( Full Answer )
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What is the pastry lebkuchen exactly?

The pastry lebkuchen is a traditional German dessert that dates back to the 13th century. It is similar in taste to gingerbread, and is made and served during the Christmas se ( Full Answer )