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Is Socrates Dokos a university lecturer?

Yes he is. Socrates Dokos is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering at the University of New South Wales. His research has focused on the electr (MORE)

What type of communication is a lecture?

A lecture communication is a learning communication in which someonoe gain and share experience and feelings.
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What is the difference between teachers and lecturers?

As far as I know, a teacher explains the lessons; every word, every phrase and every sentence. He or she gives meanings and other things to the words. He or she does not go be (MORE)

What is objective of lecturer job?

I would like to devise captivating, fascinating, and unique practices of teaching that creates interest in the students. With the help of my cordial nature, I would like to bu (MORE)

How do you introduce myself in a lecturer interview?

first of all i like to express thankyou for giving me an opportunity to introduce my name is--------.i am qualification family consists of- (MORE)

What is lecture method?

The lecture method is a teaching method, in fact the teaching method most often found in universities today. It bases itself upon the transmissive teaching model, in brief ter (MORE)
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What is the salary of a lecturer in Ireland with a Ph.D?

  Check out the website for the University of Cork. It will provide payscales for professors, lecturers, etc. And the pay is quite high compared to London. Dublin Universi (MORE)

How do you learn from lectures?

  If you want to learn from lectures, 1. Pay attention 2. Take notes to study later 3. If you are having trouble paying attention during a lecture bring a mini tape re (MORE)

Definition of lecture forum?

A lecture forum is a type of online community set up for students  to discuss class material. In these educational forums, students  can discuss class material with each oth (MORE)