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What is an associate lecturer?

An Associate Lecturer is one who teaches predominately: on a one to one basis, from pre- prepared packs of materials, short courses.

Dictaphone for lectures?

Answer . Dictaphones are old hat and it's now tape recorders. I've used them in college and at lectures. Buy a good one that has a good range and less sensitivity to other (MORE)

What does 'lectures' mean?

Definitions of lectures on the Web: . A lecture is an oral presentation intended to teach people about a particular subject, for example by a university or college teacher. (MORE)

What is lecture method?

The lecture method is a teaching method, in fact the teaching method most often found in universities today. It bases itself upon the transmissive teaching model, in brief ter (MORE)
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What does heed my lecture?

If you're asking what "heed my lecture" means, it means to "pay attention to my lecture"

How do you get more out of lectures?

the best thing to learn more during a lecture: Please read the subject or topic [even if you dont understand] for which you know the professor is going to take a lecture. by (MORE)
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What is a verb for lecture?

Lecture can be a verb itself.. depends on how you use it.. But another word for lecture that is a verb would be preach

How do you listen to lectures?

If I am correct, you want to listen to what the speaker is going to talk about and then use key points or words the speaker has to say to fully listen to a lecture. Following (MORE)