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Who is Tony Bennett?

Tony Bennett is a world famous singer whose popularity has spanned more than 60 years. Born Anthony Dominick Benedetto (August 2, 1926) , his career included singing on tour w (MORE)

Who is Frank T Hopkins?

  Frank T Hopkins is the best endurance rider ever. He always had a love for Mustangs. He is a legend in history and will stay one till time comes.   He had a Paited st (MORE)

Who was James Bennett?

James Bennett and his wife Nancy Bennett, hosted one of the most significant events in American history. Yeoman farmers in Orange County, North Carolina (now Durham County), t (MORE)

Why did Lee do it?

15 Comments May 5th, 2010    Blake Lewis Asks: Why Did Lee DeWyze Get So Much Praise From The Judges Last Night? I Was Bored & That's Crazy!    Our very own American I (MORE)

Why was Anthony Hopkins knighted?

Anthony Hopkins was Knighted by the Queen of England for the same reason as many other entertainers, such as Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Elton John et.. Knighthoods originally were (MORE)

What was the Bennett Buggy?

A "Bennett buggy" was a term used in Canada to describe a car thaat had its engine and windows removed and was pulled by a horse. The federal government of R. B. Bennett was b (MORE)

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Who is Michelle Bennett?

Michèlle Bennett is the former First Lady of Haiti and the ex‑wife  of former President for Life of Haiti, Jean‑Claude Duvalier. They  fled to France together when he r (MORE)