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How many counties are in the state of florida?

There are 67 counties in the state of Florida. Alachua CountyBaker CountyBay CountyBradford CountyBrevard CountyBroward CountyCalhoun CountyCharlotte CountyCitrus CountyClay (MORE)
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Where is pinellas county in Florida located?

Pinellas County is on the west coast of Florida about half way between the keys and the panhandle. It is directly west of Tampa. St. Petersburg and Clearwater are the biggest (MORE)

What are the religions in Volusia County Florida?

Answer 1: Any county, in any US state, is likely to have virtually every religion -- or at least the 13 major ones -- somehow represented. It is likely unrealistic (and probab (MORE)
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Where is the Lee County School located?

To start off, the location of "Lee Country School" is not of one school. It is of a district in the state of Florida. It contains elementary, middle, high, special, and char (MORE)