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What do leeches eat?

Leeches are from the subclass Hirudinea and a kind of segmented  worm but differ in significant ways. Leeches eat a prey on small  invertebrates, and they use their interior (MORE)
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Where do leeches live?

Pretty much all over the world in/around any muddy water ingenerally rural areas. They are mostly found in Asia and SouthAmerica, but can be found as far north as Iceland... (MORE)

Are leeches invertebrates?

Yes. Leeches are invertebrates and they are related to worms. They are from the class Hirudinea. For more information go to Yes, t (MORE)
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Is a leech helpful?

  hi, Yes, Speccially in blood poisining from heavy metals, like lead (pb). Has they clean the blood while ingesting the lead or any other metal, while our body produces (MORE)
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What do leeches eat and what eats leeches?

Leeches eat small insects and molluscs some can even eat small fish Leeches are eaten by fish... in fact they are used as fishing bait especially for catfish and salmon Le (MORE)
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Can you eat a leech?

GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Absolutely you can. First devein the leeches prior to preparation.  High in protein but lacks many other nutrients. Try them deep fat  fri (MORE)

How do leech reproduce?

Leeches are both male and female making them hermaphrodites. Although they can't reproduce on there own. Once a leech finds a partner they "trade" sperm by rubbing up against (MORE)
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Do leeches have a setae?

No, leeches do not have setae and that is one of the major differences that sets them apart from organisms such as earthworms or other marine worms when categorizing them in c (MORE)

How big can leeches get?

  In some parts of the world, up to 18 inches long, but in north america, the avergae is about 1 1/2 inches, and the largest are about 3-4 inches.
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Do leeches have legs?

Leeches do have legs, but you cannot see them. Don't be fooled, many people think leeches have no legs, but they are wrong.
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