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What does LEED stand for?

LEED. Land Environment Economics and Development. LEED. Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (United States Green Building Council). LEED Low Energy Electron Diffra (MORE)
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How old is leeds?

Leeds has been known since being mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, has been an agricultural market town from Middle Ages, first charter 1207.
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Why is asda in Leeds?

asda used to be called associated dairies years ago, and i think they were based in leeds before they became "asda"
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What are facts about leeds?

The city of Leeds is located in West Yorkshire, England, situatedon the River Aire. It has a population of approximately 751,500.
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What county is Leeds in?

That would depend on which Leeds you are looking for: Leeds, Massachusetts is in Hampshire County. Leeds, Maine is in Androscoggin County. Leeds, New York is in Gr (MORE)
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Where is Leeds?

Leeds is a city in Yorkshire, in the North of England. See the related link below.
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What is a leed?

A leed is, in Scots dialect, either a language, tongue, or stressor strain within a song or phrase.
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What is LEED certificate?

It is an internationally recognized green building certification system. You can obtain this certification after submitting an application documenting compliance with the requ (MORE)
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Is leeds in London?

No London is part of Essex, Kent, Surrey, Bucks, Herts and Middlesex while Leeds is part of Yorkshire. Leeds is not in London, they are separate cities.
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Why is leeds UK called leeds?

Leeds is called Leeds because the name derives (comes from) Loidis which was the name of a forest covering that area of England. Something random: Towns with ley on the end (MORE)