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What is legend?

A legend is a narrative that people tell as a true story. Sometimes the details are difficult to confirm, but usually the story names people and identifies locations.

What is I Am Legend?

I am Legend is the latest incarnation of "The Omega Man". The Omega Man starred Charlton Heston in the 1960's and was a variation on the man made mutation disaster movie. I a (MORE)

Who are the Legends of basketball?

  1 Nate Archibald 24 Rick Barry 22 Elgin Baylor 33 Larry Bird 1 Muggsy Bogues 13   1 Nate Archibald 24 Rick Barry 22 Elgin Baylor 33 Larry Bird 1 Muggsy Bogues 13 Wilt (MORE)

How do you get a legend?

There are LOTS of legends troughout diamond and pearl , here are some examples: the first legend you would probly get is dialga or palkia-------spear piller mesprit, uxie (MORE)

Is tupac a legend?

Tupac is a legend. His career is still referred to in rap lyrics and rappers thrive to be great like him. His rap career as well as his philosophy on the black culture are stu (MORE)

Where do you get legends?

You get legends by trying to explain something that cannot be explained. These were exceptionally popular when we didn't have the technology we do today. Some popular ones are (MORE)
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What legend is a real legend?

there is no such thing as a real legend a legend by definition is something that is half-true for example there is proof that there was a city called troy and that it was (MORE)

What links legend and urban legend?

What links them is that they're both legends. If you somehow mean how're they different, an urban legend is a legend that is popular in a certain area, maybe because it involv (MORE)