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What is The legend of vintar?

 Ang Vintar ay pangalawa sa pinakalawak na bayan ng Ilocos Norte.  Meron itong tatlongput' apat na barangay. Ang Vintar ay dating  kasali sa Bacarra ngunit ng lumaon napag (MORE)
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What is the legend of rasputin?

He supposedly healed the sick child of Russia's czar using special skills he got from god. Also, he supposedly survived assassination attempts using supernatural powers. All t (MORE)
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What were the yurok legends?

A Yurok Legend Once upon a time, the Foxes were angry with Sun. They held a council about the matter. Then twelve Foxes were selected - twelve of the bravest to catch Sun and (MORE)

Who is the biggest legend?

This is a ridiculous question, it is common knowledge to all living beings, and most non-living ones, that Chuck Norris is the only legend. All others who claim to be legends (MORE)

What happens in I Am Legend?

will smith is the hero in the movie. somehow he is resistant to a virus that has turned everyone else into zombielike creatures. he live for years by himself with his dog... u (MORE)

What is Orion's legend?

After Artemis made an oath to virginity, she met Orion. She fell in love with him and Apollo disapproved of this. One day, Apollo saw Orion swimming and Artemis laying down on (MORE)

What links legend and urban legend?

What links them is that they're both legends. If you somehow mean how're they different, an urban legend is a legend that is popular in a certain area, maybe because it involv (MORE)

What is the Faust legend?

The Faust legend is the concept that knowledge comes with a  terrible price. Faust gives his soul to the devil in return for  unlimited knowledge and pleasures.

What is I Am Legend?

I am Legend is the latest incarnation of "The Omega Man". The Omega Man starred Charlton Heston in the 1960's and was a variation on the man made mutation disaster movie. I a (MORE)

The Legend of Zelda?

The Legend of Zelda is a console game based in the fictional land of Hyrule in which you need to save the land from a wizard pig named Ganon. You have to go through many dunge (MORE)