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What are leggings?

Answer . Leggings are like longjohns, they can go down to your ankle or knee and are often made of cotton. They have an elastic waist and can have decoration on them. Some (MORE)
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Do you have legs?

Legs on the body enable movement. For example, walking is anability in normal functioning legs. Animals, people, and insectshave legs.
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Where are your legs?

The legs, also referred to as the lower appendages, or crural, are the inferior portions of the body that allow for ambulation.
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What does the leg do?

The leg is a part of the body that helps you move e.g: walk, jogand run.
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Why do you have legs?

You have legs cos your gay olololol anal ftw haha lol you also have legs because if you ddint it would make sex harder
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What did he do to his leg?

he fractured his foot at Taylor swifts concert on stage when he tripped on something and felt his ankle bend in a bad way.
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Which leg is pivot leg in basketball?

The leg which supports. To clarify: When kicking, the leg you're standing on, the non-kicking leg, is your pivot leg.