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Difference between legionella and legionella pnuemophila?

  'Pneumonia' is the Latin term for a inflammatory illness of the lung. Among the different types of legionella bacteria there are some that can duplicate themselves in th (MORE)

What is legionella pneumophia?

Legionella pneumophila is the bacteria responsible for Legionnaires  disease . The Legionella invades and replicates in macrophages ,  these occurrences rise in the summer m (MORE)
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How can you get legionella pneumophila?

very carefully. Legionella pneumophila are Gram-negative aerobic coccobacilii, isolated from surface water, mud, or thermally polluted lakes or streams. It is pathogenic for (MORE)

What is UK legionella legislation?

UK legionella legislation is a local council which keeps an account for all activities which undergoes for the prevention of Legionnaire diseases. Risk assessment consultant (MORE)
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How can you get legionella disease treated?

Legionnaires' disease is treated simply with antibiotics. The sooner therapy is started, the less likely the chance of serious complications or death. Pontiac fever (a major s (MORE)
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What is the main route of entry of Legionella bacteria in the body?

The main source of entry is Water and Wet soiled areas, Water source like ponds, reservoirs, heaters, hot showers and even Air Condition (A/C) ducts, Wet soiled areas like h (MORE)
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How many species of Legionella exist?

There are at least fifty species of Legionella in existence today. Legionella is a bacteria found in soil, water and other regions of the earth. This dangerous bacteria lead (MORE)