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What is the Chief Legislator of the US?

; "Chief Legislator   The President of the United States is also the chief legislator. He can recall Congress into a special session. He may veto the bills passed by Congre (MORE)

What is the protectionist legislation?

  Protectionist legislation is law created by elected officials to protect business in their country. The "protection" usually targets a specific industry to either increa (MORE)

Who has legislative powers?

  In the United States, according to US Constitution:   Article I   Section 1.     All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress (MORE)

What implements legislation?

Legislation is implemented after it is passed by both houses and  signed by the president. At that point, it becomes the law of the  land.
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What is the difference between legislation and subsidiary legislation?

Legislation are laws made by legislature which are Parliament and state legislative assembly whereas subsidiary legislation are laws made by person or bodies under power confe (MORE)

What does a Chief Legislator do?

As Chief Legislator, one of the jobs of the US president is to give information and recommendations to Congress, and he is responsible for signing or vetoing legislation appro (MORE)

Why are legislations needed?

Legislations are needed in life as to individuals would be out of order. To keep things right and in place legislations are needed. They are also need to keep individuals safe (MORE)

What is the role of the legislative?

The role of the legislative in government is generally to  legislate, to set the budget for the state and to set domestic  policies. In many cases especially in united state (MORE)