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Should the immigration reform bill HR 4437 become law?

  Answer   First; many people who come to this country illegally, do so without understanding of the laws of this nation or the fact that laws vary from one state to (MORE)
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Which bodies can consider legislation but cannot report a bill of consideration?

Subcommittees are smaller groups of committee members with responsibility for a subset of the committee's portfolio. While these subcommittees can consider legislation, only t (MORE)

What are the six steps in the legislative process after a bill is introduced?

If this is question 5, main ideas, chapter 6 review, Holt American  Government, the answer is:    After a piece of legislation (bill) is introduced, the six main  ste (MORE)

What can happen to a legislative bill after the president vetoes it?

It goes back through the senate and the house of representatives after being reviewed by the president, and if it gets a 2/3ds vote from both sides, the bill is passed. "If Co (MORE)

From where did legislators ideas for the Bill of Rights come?

In my school, we have this question in the history textbook. It says Section 4 assessment.  Anyway the answer is on pg. 135  Legislators took ideas from the state ratifyin (MORE)