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What can happen to a legislative bill after the president vetoes it?

It goes back through the senate and the house of representatives after being reviewed by the president, and if it gets a 2/3ds vote from both sides, the bill is passed. "If Co (MORE)

What were legislative reforms in the 1800s?

In Britain?  the middle class was given suffrage (the right to  vote). bills were updated to give more representation to thriving  new industrial cicites. Also the Chartis (MORE)

From where did legislators ideas for the Bill of Rights come?

In my school, we have this question in the history textbook. It says Section 4 assessment.  Anyway the answer is on pg. 135  Legislators took ideas from the state ratifyin (MORE)

What did Bill Clinton do as Chief Legislator?

As Chief Legislator, former President Clinton was unable to pass his healthcare reformation plan which would have ultimately covered most Americans who qualified. This proposa (MORE)

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