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What is the relationship between legitimacy and religion?

Legitimacy is applicable in some countries where the dominant religion governs the laws of that country. As a result marriages that are not consecrated through the rituals of (MORE)

What is the principle of legitimacy?

I believe that legitimacy is as basic human need. Having the right to receive fair and just treatment. Like the need to belong. The principle of legitimacy was an idea propos (MORE)

What is corporate legitimacy?

Corporate Legitimacy is people's judgment of a company's acceptance, appropriateness, and desirability, generally stemming from company goals and methods that are consistent w (MORE)

What is Traditional legitimacy?

•Traditional legitimacy is accord with claims and acts of rulers because these rulers have "always" made these claims and committed these acts. "The king's desire is law" (MORE)
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What is legitimacy theory?

its a social contract an organisation operates on it delivers a variety or certain social requirements in return it receives approval of its achievement's. ultimately its a gu (MORE)

What is legitimacy and where does the government get it?

Legitimacy is a term used by governments to recognize another regime. A government can obtain legitimacy in several ways. For example, allowing people to participate in govern (MORE)
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Nature of legitimacy?

Legitimacy is a measure of how accurate, true, or appropriate an aspect is under specific circumstances. In a case where truth was a variable "legitimacy" may be used as a me (MORE)
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What was the concept of legitimacy?

The concept of legitimacy revolves around the recognition andacceptance of a state by the international community. This usuallyhappens after dodgy elections or a coup