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Is a Peanut a legume?

Answer . Yes. Source: American College Dictionary. It is unusual in that the edible seeds grow underground, unlike, say peas or lentils..
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What is a legume?

legume is a vegetable used for food, or the fruit or seed of plants know as legumes such as peas or beans.
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What is an example of a legume?

An example of a legume is any kind of bean: kidney bean, pinto bean, lima bean Common legumes include soybeans, lentils, alfalfa, clover and peas. Other legumes include bean (MORE)
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What are legumes?

Legumes are plants that can use nitrogen from the air for growth.This nitrogen can be added to the soil to increase soil fertility.Legumes include peas and beans.
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Is vanilla a legume?

Vanilla is not a legume. It is the pod of an orchid. See this article:

What is a legum professor?

Legum professors are individuals whose work is funded by the Legum families of Leslie and Naomi who support a History professor at William and Mary and Jeffrey and Harriet who (MORE)
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What do legumes eat?

Legumes are not consumers, they are producers. Legumes are PLANTS. Thus they don't eat anything.
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Is groundnut a legume or what is it?

Ground nuts are legumes. Groundnut being a legume crop utilizes the nitrogen in the atmosphere by nitrogen fixation in association with a group of bacteria belonging to Rhizob (MORE)