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When Leitz became leica?

While the name Leica was first applied to the Leica I camera in 1925, Ernst Leitz GmbH did not officially change its company name to Leica Camera AG until 1986.
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What does a mirror do in a camera?

The mirror is part of the viewing/focusing mechanism. In an SLR with a pentaprism or similar means of getting the light from the lens to the eyepiece, the light coming throug (MORE)

If there were no cameras then?

People today rely on cameras as much as they do having the telephone. If there were no cameras, people might: try to learn drawing methodsuse sketches or portraits more as a (MORE)

But how you get a camera?

You go to a store that sells cameras, reach into your pocket, take out your money, wave it in front of the salesperson's face, and say, "hook me up with a camera." It's actual (MORE)
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Leica R3 Safari worth?

The rare tropicalized Leica R3 Safari 35mm SLR camera can fetch anywhere from $600 for a body alone out of box in good condition to as much as $2,500 for one in mint condition (MORE)
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What kind of batteries does the Leica Viper II Binocular Laser Range finder use?

The Vectronix Vector series binoculars / laser rangefinder uses a single 2CR5 battery but they should be "non-magnetic" and the manufacturer recommends Sanyo batteries. There (MORE)