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Is leicester big?

Compared with where? Population 2001 Census 280,000.. Smaller than London but bigger than Middle Wallop.
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Does leicester have an aiport?

Yes the aptly named "Leicester Airport" on the outskirts of Leicester in the south. However the more larger and international "East Midlands" is regularly argued about between (MORE)

Does Leicester have an airport?

Yes, but it isn't for commercial aircraft. Only for private bi-planes etc . no Leicester or leicestershire county doesn't have airport or sea port. . the nearest airport to (MORE)

Does Leicester have a amphitheatre?

Leicester did have an Amphiheatre in the 19th century. Owenite socialists roberrt Buchanan and local man Thomas Billson debated the merits of scialism and chartism with Thomas (MORE)
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Where is the city of Leicester?

Leicester is a city in the East Midlands of England, and the county town of Leicestershire. The city lies on the River Soar and at the edge of the National Forest.
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Is Leicester a city?

Yes, Leicester was an ancient town and city, city status was lostbut in 1919 the then Home Secretary bestowed city status onceagain, Leicester has held city status ever since. (MORE)