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Are lemmings a reptile?

No, lemmings are not reptiles. Lemmings are mammals. They are in the rodent family, or Rodentia.
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What does lemmings mean?

Lemmings are small rodents usually found in the Arctic tundra. Contrary to popular belief they do not hurl themselves off cliffs as popularized by Disney in the film "White (MORE)

Do lemmings migrate and when?

Lemmings will migrate when their food supply is used up. The cycle averages about 3.8 years. Lemmings will change their location twice a year in spring when the snow is meltin (MORE)

What was the LEM Aquarius?

It was the Lem modual in the apollo 13 flight, It saved the life of 3 people before be jedisoned in earth orbit, before attempting splashdown
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What is fowlers treacle?

A black sweet syrupy condiment popular in the UK. Used in baking and on buttered rolls. A close relative to molasses.
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Where do you find lemmings?

Lemmings are small rodents that are found in tundra biomes in the  Northern Hemisphere. There are about 20 species that inhabit polar  and temperate areas of North America, (MORE)

What is lemming migration?

a lemming migration is when lemmings which are a type of rodent leave where they were living and move somewhere else. they migrate twice a year in spring and Autumn! Lemmings (MORE)

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