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What ideas did Lenin add to Marxism to create Marxism-Leninism?

Lenin added the concept that the road to communism did not need to wait for the creation of a proletariat of exploited workers to rise up and seize the means of production. He (MORE)

Who ruled first Lenin or Stalin?

Lenin (1917-1924), but poor health prevented him from doing much after mid 1922.   He was succeeded by three men ruling jointly - Stalin, Zinoviev and Kamenev. By 1927 Stal (MORE)

How did Lenin get his name?

Lenin adopted the name Lenin in 1901 after serving 3 years in exile in Siberia in a town on the River Lena. He took the name from the name of the river.
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Why was Lenin important?

Among all the leaders in the 20th century, Lenin is arguably the most significant person in the world of Russian politics. Exiled by the Russian government for his reformation (MORE)

Was Lenin Jewish?

His maternal grandfather, Aleksandr Dmitrievich Blank, was Jewish. However, Lenin did not consider himself ethnically Jewish and was a stated Atheist.
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How was Lenin a dictator?

Like any true  tyrant, Vladimir Lenin came to power by force. Via the violence of  the Bolshevik Takeover, Lenin was able to install himself into a  position of absolute po (MORE)

Who did Lenin overthrow?

In a string of events known as the October Revolution Lenin overthrew the Russian Provisional Government which had been instated after the February Revolution that had marked (MORE)

What was Lenin known as?

being a Commissar of the Soviet Union. As to his accomplishment, Lenin was known as the leader of the Bolshevik Party, the organizer of the October Revolution of 1917 and th (MORE)
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Was Vladimir Lenin good?

Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks overthrew a progressive Russian  government that had been formed in March, 1917. The government was  to be a democratic one and had many so (MORE)

Who is nicolai lenin?

It is a name sometimes used for Vladimiir Ilitch Ulyanov, founder of Soviet communism, etc. Zinoviev gave a speech entitled "Nicolai Lenin: HIs Life and Work" at the Pertograd (MORE)