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What did Lenin do?

Lenin was the leader of the Bolshevik party and played a big part in overthrowing the Russian Monarchy in 1917. He also created the first communist nation the USSR. stalin (MORE)

Was Lenin Jewish?

His maternal grandfather, Aleksandr Dmitrievich Blank, was Jewish. However, Lenin did not consider himself ethnically Jewish and was a stated Atheist.

What is Leninism?

Leninism is a body of political theory for a democraticorganization of the revolutionary vanguard party and theachievement of a direct democracy via the dictatorship of thepro (MORE)

How did Lenin get his name?

Lenin adopted the name Lenin in 1901 after serving 3 years in exile in Siberia in a town on the River Lena. He took the name from the name of the river.

Who are Marx and Lenin?

Marx and Lenin are communist leaders Marx (1818 -1883) and Engels first conceived Communism and wrote the communist manifesto (1848) and capital (1867) and Lenin was the (MORE)

Why did Lenin do what he did?

He believed in the social ideological beliefs of Karl Marx. Marx thought that everyone should be equal, but that isn't possible whilst a class system existed, and so the lower (MORE)

Who was Ivan Lenin?

Ivan Lenin is a revolutionary singer, performer, songwriter, and movement leader. He was born in the USSR and moved to the USA in 1995. He is most famous for the song "Communi (MORE)

Why is Lenin a threat?

Lenin isn't a threat at all! He's a messiah! Another opinion: Lenin is a traitor to the cause of communism and to his own revolution.

Who is nicolai lenin?

It is a name sometimes used for Vladimiir Ilitch Ulyanov, founder of Soviet communism, etc. Zinoviev gave a speech entitled "Nicolai Lenin: HIs Life and Work" at the Pertograd (MORE)