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Why isn't Annie lennox a dame?

To be honest... its an oversight, and because she'd never seek it out, or she'd put the word around and have one in a heartbeat I'm sure. The fact that I found your question b (MORE)
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How can you interpret Lennoxs speech?

Lennox is being sarcastic. He thinks Macbeth is guilty. He is being political and cautious with his choice of words though. He says nothing that could strongly place him again (MORE)
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Who beat Lennox Lewis?

Hasim Rahman and Oliver McCall. But u didn't state he rematched them both, and won. Beat every man put in front of him. 3 times world heavyweight champion "undisputed", Tr (MORE)

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Who defeated lennox Lewis first?

Oliver McCall was the first in 1994, and Hassem Rachman was the second in 2001.Lewis became the only heavyweight to avenge all of his losses,
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Is Lennox Lewis a good chess player?

  Yes Lennox is a very good chess player     Yes. Lennox's chess rating is about a strong 2000. Which is VERY impressive as far as cess goes. Look on his myspa (MORE)

How many times has lennox Lewis won the world title?

World Titles   * WBC heavyweight title (1992-1994)  * WBC heavyweight title (1997-2001)  * Lineal heavyweight title (1998-2001)  * IBF heavyweight title (1999-2001)  (MORE)
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Who does Lennox believe murdered Banquo?

 Macbeth. He implies this in his curiously diplomatic and indirect  speech in Act 3 Scene 6. "And the right-valiant Banquo walked too  late, whom you may say, if't please (MORE)