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What does single vision lens mean?

A single vision lens offers vision correction in a single power.  This is different than a bifocal lens that offers correction in at  least two powers.
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What type of lens is used to correct farsighted vision?

Convex lenses are thicker in the middle then the edges and concave are thicker at the edges then the middle. When light travels through lenses, refraction occurs. The light be (MORE)
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What is a 1.57 mid index single vision lens?

1.57 mid index single vision lenses means that the lens is thinner than standard plastic lenses. It is not the thinnest possible, nor is it impact resistant like Trivex 1.53 m (MORE)
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What type of lens is used to correct nearsighted vision?

Using concave lens the short sight problem could be rectified. Near sighted person cannot see the things far away. He can see things only so near to his eyes. The ray coming f (MORE)

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