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What are the natural resources in Sierra Leone?

Diamonds, titanium ore (rutile), bauxite, gold, iron ore, ilmenorutile, platinum, chromite, manganese, cassiterite, molybdenite, as well as forests, abundant fresh water, and (MORE)

Who found Sierra Leone?

Although Sierra Leone is said to be founded by a Portuguese trader Pedro da Cintra in 1462 and named it Serra de Leao, meaning "Lion Maintain" due to the fact that the mountai (MORE)

What does Leon Trotsky's name mean?

The name Trotsky, or Trotskii, was the name of one of Leon Trotsky's prison guards when he was imprisoned in Odessa. It became a pen name, among others, in place of his birth (MORE)

Who was Leon Czolgosz?

He was an anarchist who lived for 28 years. He also killed William McKinley on September 14th 1901 and Leon Czolgosz was executed by the electric chair on October 29 1901  (MORE)

Why was Leon Trotsky exiled from Russia?

Leon Trotsky posed a threat to Joseph Stalin's hold on the power in Russia after Lenin's death. Many Bolshevik leaders supported Trotsky's philosophy of "permanent revolution" (MORE)

Does Sierra Leone life in tribes?

The Limba are the indigenous people of Sierra Leone. They are tribal and speak a language that is unrelated to other tribal groups in the area. There are approximately 150 rur (MORE)

Was Leon Trotsky a totalitarian?

Yes, Trotsky was a totalitarian in the sense that he would permit no deviation from the Bolshevik/Communist plan for the country whether the people wanted it or not. Trotsky w (MORE)