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What effect did Leon Trotsky have on Russia?

Leon Trotskyâ??s leadership saved the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.  Trotskyâ??s strong suite was organization and he excelled at  everything he undertook. He helped to or (MORE)

Why was Leon Trotsky exiled from Russia?

Leon Trotsky posed a threat to Joseph Stalin's hold on the power in Russia after Lenin's death. Many Bolshevik leaders supported Trotsky's philosophy of "permanent revolution" (MORE)

Why did Leon Trotsky appeal to people?

A better question would be "Why does Trotsky appeal to  people?" He appeals to people primarily because he represents a  genuine, communist alternative to Stalin and Stalini (MORE)

Who was Leon Trotsky and why did he leave Russia?

Leon Trotsky was part of the Bolshevic party during the early years of the USSR. After Lenin (the previous leader of the USSR) died in the 1920's, Trotsky and Joseph Stalin bo (MORE)

Was Leon Trotsky a good man?

Leon Trotsky was a man who fed millions, housed thousands, and  killed thousands as well. He organized a militia to protect the  nation he helped form from outside invasion. (MORE)

Did Leon Trotsky kill anyone?

Yes. As the All-Russian Commissar of War during the Russian Civil War, Trotsky led a ruthless campaign to purge the Red Army of many of its early commanders in order to transf (MORE)

What are facts about Leon Trotsky?

Leon Trotsky was the founder of the Red Army. He was the People's  Commissar of Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR from 1917 to 1918. He was  a Marxist and a revolutionary. Trotsk (MORE)

Was Leon Trotsky a totalitarian?

Yes, Trotsky was a totalitarian in the sense that he would permit no deviation from the Bolshevik/Communist plan for the country whether the people wanted it or not. Trotsky w (MORE)

Why did Stalin have Leon Trotsky assassinated?

Leon Trotsky, even in exile, was an important figure in world  communism. His reputation from the early years before and after the  Bolshevik revolution was well respected a (MORE)