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Who is Leonard Nimoy?

Leonard Nimoy is a famous actor. He has done various acting jobs but his best known is Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series (ST-TOS). He has also narrated In Search Of..a (MORE)
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How does Bernstein create a sense of excitement and expectancy in somethings coming?

 'Something's   Coming' sets the breathy and excited mood in the repeated figure of the accompaniment   through the bright D major key and the fast tempo, in the next f (MORE)

Was Leonard Chess a good guy?

As portrayed in the 2008 movies "Cadillac Records" and "Who Do You Love?", Leonard Chess (Lezjor Czyz 1917-1969) was a driven businessman and promoter within the record indust (MORE)

Who is St. Leonard?

St. Leonard was a French nobleman. He founded Noblac Monestery on  the land that was granted to him. It grew into the town of Saint  Leonard.

Is Leonard Cohen bisexual?

Cohen's poetry, prose and interviews all contain declarations of  his bi-sexual history. If he is not bi-sexual, he at least had a  bi-sexual period.
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Leonard Cohen - not a fan?

I am not sure what you are asking, but it is a fact that not  everyone likes how Leonard Cohen sings. He has a very gravelly  voice, and most people would say that he is an (MORE)

What has the author Lisa Bernstein written?

Lisa Bernstein has written:   'Girls Only'   'Anorexia' -- subject(s): American poetry, Anorexia nervosa, Poetry   correction to someone else's entry (whose name h (MORE)