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Is Leonard Cohen a Christian?

No. He has made it clear many times that he remains loyal to the faith of his fathers. He is neither Christian nor Buddhist He lights the Sabbath and holiday candles and consi (MORE)

What genre is Leonard Cohen?

Leonard Cohen's music falls into the "singer/songwriter" category,  although it is often mistaken for "folk." Folk music is written  for, and from the perspective of, the wo (MORE)

Is Leonard Cohen bisexual?

Cohen's poetry, prose and interviews all contain declarations of  his bi-sexual history. If he is not bi-sexual, he at least had a  bi-sexual period.
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Leonard Cohen - not a fan?

I am not sure what you are asking, but it is a fact that not  everyone likes how Leonard Cohen sings. He has a very gravelly  voice, and most people would say that he is an (MORE)

What is the song on Democracy by Leonard Cohen about?

Cohen's doom-laden epic, "Democracy," is a look at what happens  when a child star is no longer cute and has to now behave like an  adult. America has gotten away with a lot (MORE)