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What foods contain leptin?

Fish, pulses, and vegetables contain leptin, but here is moreinformation: First of all, the digestive tract cannot absorb leptin, so even ifyou could find a food rich in lept (MORE)
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What is leptin?

Leptin is a hormone of a protein nature , secreted from fat cells and received by the hypothalamus , linked with a number of functions in the body as being an inhibitor of ap (MORE)
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What is too much Leptin?

Leptin is a hormone that comes from adipose cells (cells that make up the fat in your body). Leptin suppresses your appetite and regulates your body's energy expenditure. Sinc (MORE)

Where is Leptin Secreted?

Leptin is a protein that is secreted from adipose (fat) cells. It acts on receptors in the Central Nervous System and other sites to induce energy expenditure and inhibit food (MORE)

What does leptin release?

Leptin doesn't actually 'release' anything per se. It's actually a protein we produce that sends signals to your brain that you're full or have had enough food for the time be (MORE)