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What does le bain de parfum mean?

  Literally it means ' the bath of perfume', but in French the word 'bain' is often used to imply that you are surrounded or immersed in something, so here the implication (MORE)

How long is Le Tour De France?

23 days which includes 2 rest days The Tour is broken up into 21 stages (town-to-town over a 3-week period), and throughout the years, the standard mileage has been between (MORE)

Quels sont les mois de l'annee?

Translation: What are the months of the year? January: Janvier February: Février March: Mars April: Avril May: Mai June: Juin July: Juillet August: Août September: Septembre (MORE)

Quels sont les pouvoirs de Wonder Woman?

Pour Vous Etes L"Empire! et le peignoir et La Gloire!- Coco Chanel variant of the concluding stanza of the Lord"s Prayer). as you know French- you can translate it.- Okay- For (MORE)

What does des and les mean in English?

they both are placed before plural nouns les means the (plural) and sometimes is omitted in english like: English people are tall : les anglais sont grands The last 3 days (MORE)

Who compete in le tour de France?

    The people competing in the TdF are all professional cyclists, arranged in teams. It doesn't have to be the same teams every year, nor will the teams have the same (MORE)

Quel est le role de la banque?

Gagne de l'argent disponible dans la forme de prêts, traite les paiements de toutes sortes et fournit un endroit sûr à l'épargne magasin.
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What is the book le tresor de la Marie galante about?

well its about about a boat called Marie galante which gets attacked by pirates and is sunk a women in the boat called Beatrice is writing a letter to her fiancée when the pi (MORE)

What is le Tour de France?

The Tour De France The Tour De France is annual Cycle race taking a route around France It is raced by Professional Cycle Teams each having a Sponsor. The Tour De France (MORE)