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Why did Deborah Sampson join the army?

Deborah Sampson joined the war because she thought that women should have equal rights and be able to fight. She also did not think it was right that they should just stay hom (MORE)

What is a sampson fox?

A Sampson Fox is a genetic mutation of the red fox (some say gray fox also). It has a long narrow tail rather than the bushy one we normally see. They look as though they have (MORE)

What are Deborah sampsons kids names?

Deborah Sampson had 4 kids and thier names were Earl,Mary,Patience and Susannah who she had adopted.
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Who is the wife of Marty Sampson?

Marty Sampson is married to Michelle Sampson. Marty and Michelle  have been married since 2006 and have one son together.
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Did Deborah Sampson get any awards?

Deborah Sampson served in the Revolutionary War for the Colonies in  1782-1783. She served as a man using her late brothers name Robert  Shurtliff. She never received any aw (MORE)

Did Deborah Sampson have any animals?

She had a donkey that lived with her in her house. (Totally weird right? Women back then I'm tellin' ya.
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What was facts about Deborah Sampson?

Deborah and her mother both had the same name , Deborah Sampson. Deborah Sampson used the name Robert Surtlieff for military it was also the name of her younger brother. Debor (MORE)
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