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Is George Sampson hot?

This would depend on the person, as hotness is determined by personal opinion. I would say that a majority of teenage girls would find him attractive, however, this isn't prov (MORE)

When was Deborah Sampson born?

December 17 1760   she was born in Massachusetts in December 17, 1760 and she was the oldest of three daughters
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What contribution did Deborah Sampson make?

Deborah Sampson contributed to the American Revolutionary War by  becoming a solider. In order to accomplish this, she had to  disguise herself as a man. She ended up servin (MORE)
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What did George T Sampson invent?

if it is the black inventor george t Sampson u are takling about he invented the clothes dryer
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What is Deborah sampsons biggest fear?

Deborah Sampson feared that she would be identified as a woman  during the war. When she got shot in the thigh, she even took the  bullet out of her leg herself so her gende (MORE)

What is a sampson fox?

A Sampson Fox is a genetic mutation of the red fox (some say gray fox also). It has a long narrow tail rather than the bushy one we normally see. They look as though they have (MORE)

What does Sampson do to Abraham in Romeo and Juliet?

He bites his thumb at him which in our culture would be equivalent to someone giving us "the finger"
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